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Photographic Education Material Available from the Rice's

     Professional Techniques for Black & White Digital Photography
by Patrick Rice
Price: $25.00 (Paperback)

This professional guidebook provides tips to create technically correct and highly marketable digital black-and-white photographs. Designed to instruct professional and experienced amateur photographers, this highly visual format features 100 landscape, portrait, and wedding images from 20 leading digital imaging experts. Advice is included for utilizing professional digital effects, selecting an appropriate SLR camera, and managing difficulties and rewards associated with creating high-end black-and-white digital images.

     Digital Portrait Photography of Teens and Seniors : Shooting and Selling Techniques for Photographers
by Patrick Rice
Price: $30.00 (Paperback)

Divided into two parts, this guide shows studio owners and photographers how to increase visibility, creativity, and financial rewards in the teen and senior portrait market. The first section is focused on technical mastery, gives tips on how to refine one's technique and remain competitive and providing advice on selecting the appropriate digital equipment and added artistic elements like indoor and outdoor sets, storytelling props, and fashionable backgrounds. The second section is devoted to successful marketing techniques that are low-cost and have a big impact, such as maintaining an Internet presence, offering special promotions, and producing direct-mail marketing pieces. Numerous marketing pieces from top studios are included as reference points.
     Digital Infrared Photography : Professional Techniques and Images
by Patrick Rice
Price: $25.00 (Paperback)

Presenting advances in infrared photography, which has long been an artful alternative to traditional color or black-and-white photography, this guide provides tips for creating vivid infrared prints. Previsualizing the effects of infrared light on a subject, successfully using Adobe Photoshop to heighten the effects of infrared images, and creative toning and framing strategies are discussed. The savings from shooting digitally and using imaging programs during development are also detailed. Before-and-after photographs paired with instructive text provide a visual approach to this ethereal photography form.
     Infrared Wedding Photography : Techniques and Images in Black & White
by Patrick Rice, Barbara Rice, Travis Hill
Price: $25.00 (Paperback)

Infrared photography offers a new look for the wedding album, with ethereal grays and whites and a smooth, glowing skin tone, but the technique is tricky in the hectic setting of a wedding. This step-by-step manual meets the special needs of photographers who must achieve unique and beautiful portraits outside the studio. The proper equipment for infrared photography, selecting and protecting sensitive infrared film, and packaging and marketing infrared wedding photography are covered.
     Professional Digital Imaging for Wedding and Portrait Photographers
by Patrick Rice
Price: $25.00 (Paperback)

Nearly 20 photographers whose digital photographs and techniques are featured in this book provide inside information on everything from equipment selection and tips for creating top-notch studio and location portraiture to output and marketing techniques. Answers are provided to such questions as How can photographers ensure correct and consistent color? What printer type will best suit a photographer's production schedule? and What papers and inks will ensure acceptable longevity of the print? Adobe Photoshop and its usefulness to professional photographers is discussed, but other popular software programs such as Corel Painter, Nik Color Efex Pro!, and Bryce are covered as well.
     Success in Print Competition for Professional Photographers
by Patrick Rice
Price: $25.00 (Paperback)

This guide features extensive discussions of the guidelines set forth for print competitions held by the Professional Photographers Association of America and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, the two largest professional organizations for photographers. Insight is offered into every aspect of competition, from the logistics of signing up to techniques for bringing out the best in submissions. The criteria by which judges determine the quality of images are revealed, and a list of features that judges loathe in submissions is provided. The importance of technical skill, image impact, style and creativity, composition, storytelling traits, and category selection is explained. Also outlined are the steps necessary to prepare prints or albums for competition, from cropping and mounting to packing images for shipment.
     Professional Techniques for Pet and Animal Photography
by Debrah H. Muska
Price: $25.00 (Paperback)

From posing a wiggly ferret to encouraging a frog to sit in one place, this guide's specialized techniques will benefit both existing animal photographers and newcomers looking to diversify their portrait business. Discussed are the personality traits best suited to the business, ways to create a people- and animal-friendly studio, and tips for making clients and their pets feel at home in the studio through the selection of decor, backdrops, furnishings, and props that wear well and are easy to sanitize. Technical advice includes which lenses and cameras lend themselves to animal portraiture, the advantages of shooting digitally, and the best shutter speeds and apertures for the job. The unique challenges of pet photography are covered, such as how to get the best expressions from pets with attention-getters suited to each type of pet. Special techniques for working with dogs, cats, horses, birds, ferrets, reptiles, and other creatures are provided.

Rice Photography Ambassador Program

Powerpoint CD Presentation
Price: $25.00 (CD)

While many studios have mixed success with their Ambassador programs, we have been very pleased with the results of ours. Our "Model Search" program brings in attractive and enthusiastic high school juniors before other studios have an opportunity to reach them.

Let's face it, every studio wants to photograph the best looking and most popular kids because the other students will typically follow their lead. Early sessions help to keep the studio busy during the slower months of the first quarter and the qualified mailing list from these juniors is invaluable for reaching my target audience. I see us using this program for many years to come.

This Powerpoint CD is exactly what we show any prospective Model (Ambassador). This presentation explains exactly what is expected from each Model and what they can expect to save and earn from us. This CD presentation is easily customized to any studio and your specific policies.

This Powerpoint CD will jumpstart any studio's Ambassador program and it is only $25.00
   Pet Photography Power Pack
 Only $129

 The Power Pack includes

  • The DVD Pro Show Gold presentation
  • A comprehensive CD that includes

  •    18 pet photography images
       4 complete dog photo sessions
       3 complete equine sessions
       Pet photography pricing information
       Shooting tips
       Client consultation ideas
       Marketing and business ideas
  • Six-sided full-color CD/DVD case marketing insert
  • 1 Promotional bookmark
  • 4 Promotional handout cards


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